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Customer Service Representative (CSR) Application

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Show me the money?
You’ll earn $25 for every business owner that chats with one of our consultants about their potential stimulus check. Of course, most business owners will be anxious to know how much stimulus money they qualify for. And if the business owner ultimately decides to hire us to help them apply for their stimulus funding, we’ll pay you an additional $500. We pay every week by PayPal. (Please see your Customer Service Representative Agreement for exact terms and conditions.)

What are my responsibilities?
As an Apply4ERTC customer service representative you will be hand delivering our flyers to a specific list of small to midsize businesses in your local community that are likely to be eligible for this stimulus program. There is absolutely NO selling involved … the only skill you will need is to be friendly, meet the business owner, play our short video, and let us know if they’d like more information … YOUR job is done … that’s how simple it is … because the video will do all the selling for you by offering at no cost or obligation, an estimate of how large a stimulus check the business qualifies for.

Tell me about the flyers?
We’ll provide you with a pdf copy of a flyer personalized with YOUR name, phone number, and ID number. Locate a “copy shop” in your area (typically a FedEx Office, Staples, or Office Depot) and have them make 50 or 100 color copies on standard 24# laser paper. The cost should be approximately 53 to 58 cents each. Save the receipt each time, and once you print the next order of flyers, we’ll immediately reimburse you by PayPal for the previous batch of flyers.

Sounds great, how do I get started?
Simply fill out the form on this page and click the “GET STARTED” button NOW and we’ll send you a copy of our Customer Service Representative Agreement for your review and signature. You’ll also receive a W-9 form which is required by the IRS before we can pay you. There’s nothing to download, both documents will be online, just complete and sign them electronically. We’ll then create and send you a personalized flyer ready for making copies. Once your flyers are printed, you’ll receive easy instructions explaining exactly what to do, and a list of the businesses to visit. That’s it, you’re ready to earn extra cash …

Why work with us ?

Who Are We ?


Apply4ERTC is a subsidiary of Purple Cow Capital, a leader in the “alternative lending” industry since 2019.  When the banks say NO, Purple Cow Capital says YES.

Purple Cow Capital is always looking for new ways to help our small to mid-sized business clients.  But, when we were first introduced to Employee Retention Tax Credits, they sounded too good to be true and unfortunately we initially ignored the program because it just didn’t seem real.  

However, after multiple inquiries from our loyal client base, we needed to take a second look. What we discovered is that Congress actually did something very intelligent (imagine that!) and passed legislation to encourage and reward businesses to keep their employees on the payroll during the pandemic.  (To clarify, the ERTC bill is actually part of the original CARES Act.)

So in early 2021, Purple Cow Capital partnered with an experienced team of tax professionals that does nothing but handle the complexities of preparing the IRS tax forms required for businesses to apply for their ERTC refund checks.  We named this new entity Apply4ERTC.

It’s been rewarding to enlighten and help business owners that suffered financially because of COVID, claim the additional stimulus money they’re entitled to receive.

DISCLAIMER:  The income statements and examples on this website and video are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You should not expect to earn any of the commissions discussed in the video or on this web page. These commissions are examples only and are NOT LIKELY. Apply4ERTC commissions are ONLY EARNED when you help to secure a client who engages our accounting services and pays our fees. Purple Cow Capital commissions are ONLY EARNED when a client secures funding through us. There is no income guarantee, nor is there an income ceiling. The Apply4ERTC and Purple Cow Capital Compensation Plans are Results-Based commission plans – meaning only paying clients will produce income for you. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.